Tropical Lodging | Batu Karu
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Batu Karu

Conceived, designed and built by Tropical Lodging, Batu Karu Coffee Estate is part ecological coffee plantation and part natural retreat. The estate offers guests absolute solitude, silence (except for the soothing sounds of the animals and birds in the jungle) and a very different experience from lowland Bali. The climate is lovely cool and the water from the streams are fresh to drink. Batu Karu is a haven for well-being, yoga and ecological food experiences.

Situated halfway up the 2700m high Mountain Batukaru, this exclusive retreat hides on the southeasterly slope overlooking the valley of a Unesco protection site – the Jatiluwih rice fields. On clear days, it’s even possible to see all the way down to the Bukit peninsula.

The estate is built by local craftsmen, using only natural materials such as bamboo and wood. Tropical Lodging constructed the buildings in a manner that fully respects the natural terrain of the mountains and the vegetation. All interior furnishings are lovingly adorned and designed with open layouts to ensure that all guests enjoy the luxury of being immersed in the wild nature.


Jonas Norberg


March 8, 2016