Tropical Lodging | Duur Apartments
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Duur Apartments

Tropical Lodging built the sustainable apartment complex Duur in central Seminyak as one of the first truly green buildings in the area. The project is designed by Bambook studios, a group of architects specializing in sustainable architecture in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The whole building is optimized to minimize energy, waste and ecological footprint. Solar studies to achieve optimal orientation of the different rooms and guarantee minimum cooling loads, minimizing the need for air conditioning and creating a natural, cool climate.

As water is fast becoming a precious resource in Bali, a big part of the design efforts was put into responsible water treatment. Planters filter all rainwater and grey water coming from showers, sinks and drains before it reaches a collection tank in the basement to be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning. All black water is collected in a Bio-septic tank that naturally filters and processes the black water waste into clear and odorless water to assure that no contamination reaches the ground.

Tropical Lodging optimized every detail of Duur Eco Apartments to be as energy efficient as possible. Everything from lighting and air-conditioning to fixtures and hot water is designed to minimize the building’s energy consumption without compromising with the quality of life you expect of living in Bali.


Jonas Norberg


September 28, 2017