Tropical Lodging | Surf Lodge Limasan
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Surf Lodge Limasan

Tropical Lodging built the Surf Lodge Limasan on request from a Swedish surfer family who had fallen in love with Bali’s waves, people, food and nature. Located among the lush rice fields of Kerobokan, The Surf Lodge is a popular choice for mindful surfers coming to visit Bali not only for the waves but also for the healthy lifestyle.

Designed as a traditional Javanese limasan structure, the house is a perfect meeting point for guests. The open architecture provides a natural breeze through the dining and chillout area of the lodge, while the bedrooms face the prevailing wind directions so that the fresh trades can cool down the rooms, rather than relying on aircon all the time. The lodge is built using natural materials sourced locally, and feature energy-efficient equipment to minimize energy consumption. Surf Lodge Limasan is truly a great example of how to create a responsible and successful business out of your dreams.


Surf Lodge Limasan


September 28, 2017