Tropical Lodging | Villa Sorgas
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Villa Sorgas

Conceived by Swedish entrepreneur Jakob Johnsson and designed by sustainable architect firm Bambook Studios, Villa Sorgas was built by Tropical Lodging in Lombok during 2015. This 400 m2 luxury villa overlooks the beautiful Tanjung Aan bay next to the well-known surf spot Grupuk Bay. It has become a popular choice for surfers and travelers visiting the island and features in numerous travel blogs, films and magazines, among them Jon Olson’s youtube channel and Elle Italy.


The villa is designed to be open with ample social spaces, while each of the four bedrooms has king size beds and private bathrooms. The deck on the second floor provides expansive views of the breathtaking surroundings and overlooks a stunning 55 square meter infinity pool.


Villa Sorgas is designed to be sustainable and to fit perfectly into its natural surroundings. The open design maximizes natural airflow and sun exposure, which minimizes the need for air con. Materials have been locally sourced whenever possible, and all equipment is highly energy efficient. Wastewater and trash are recycled to a high degree, making Villa Sorgas an example among Luxury Villas in Lombok and Bali.


Jakob Johnsson


September 28, 2017